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Precautions for use of die casting die
  • Date:2022-07-15
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Die casting die is a method of casting liquid die forging. The die casting process requires the organic and comprehensive application of the three elements of die casting material, die casting machine and die, so as to cast tools with high efficiency and good appearance quality. Mastering these three important steps skillfully can make the production more rhythmic, more efficient and better quality. So what are the precautions when working in the die-casting mold? Now let me give you a brief introduction.
1. There are certain requirements in the process of using release agent. The role of release agent is to form separation in the process of die casting. When in use, the surface temperature of the die-casting mold must be moderate, not too high or too low, otherwise it will make the release agent cannot fall off well, and may also cause related damage. The use of release agent should also be uniform, that is to say, less coating should be done evenly, so that the castings can smoothly reach the state of falling off.
2. Lubrication of die-casting die is also very important. As the parting agent of die-casting die and die-casting, lubrication facilitates the unloading of die-casting die. As the lubricant of the moving part of die-casting die and press, it reduces friction and improves the service life of die-casting die. In addition, it can also be used as the coolant of the die-casting die, reduce the thermal fatigue of the die due to long-term work, and prolong the life of the die.
3. Remember to preheat the die-casting mold before use. The purpose of preheat is to prevent the die-casting mold from being heated in a small and concentrated range, which will make the mold subject to strong heat and cracking, resulting in mold damage. Therefore, remember to preheat the mold during use.
Pay more attention to the maintenance of the die-casting mold in normal use, so as to avoid the damage of the mold and improve its service life.

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