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Analysis of the Future Development Trend of Bathroom: Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Will Never Change
  • Date:2023-08-28
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The rational development of the sanitary ware market is fundamental to the development of the bathroom industry. The fierce competition in the bathroom market has not only led to a reshuffle or clearance of the bathroom industry, but also a significant change in consumer psychology and questioning of bathroom products, which has influenced the future development trend of the bathroom market. This change has shifted from "emotional consumption" to "rational consumption", and high cost-effective products are favored.
Energy conservation and environmental protection are eternal and unchanging topics in market development. In this era, water-saving has attracted attention from the bathroom industry.
With the intensification of competition in the bathroom industry, the prices of sanitary ware are constantly becoming transparent, especially after experiencing the baptism of the financial crisis. The transformation of bathroom product consumption from "emotional consumption" to "rational consumption" has become a significant feature in the current market and an important trend for future development.
Nowadays, Chinese cities have entered the stage of cultural bathroom enjoyment. It is important to consider human behavioral factors when researching and developing products. A certain bathroom brand once organized a consumer survey, and one of the questions was "What kind of bathroom do you need?" In the answers received, there are four types of answers, Z concentration: firstly, the decoration of the bathroom is simple and comfortable, but it can reflect a person's identity and status; The second is to have high requirements for bathroom decorations and furniture; The third is functional sanitary ware; The fourth is the large space, ranging from 4 square meters to 10 square meters, with good lighting. The second question of the survey is "What are the requirements for the selection of bathroom decoration?" 80% of the respondents answered, "I hope to have a matching and consistent style. I can use a brand." These are the basic data for building bathroom spaces.
Home Beauty Salon
As long as your economic strength permits, you can move the equipment of the SPA beauty salon and hospital into the bathroom as much as possible, trying to make every detail in the bathroom a health prop: comfortable and comfortable massage bathtubs, saunas, and light wave bathrooms are no longer luxury goods; Advanced nanotechnology endows ceramics with antibacterial properties; Even the toilet has become an advanced instrument for examining the body. What other reason do we refuse to have a comfortable SPA or a full body health check in the bathroom at home?
Water saving everywhere
There is a sensing faucet that signals "water-saving". When the hand reaches the water, it will come out, and when the hand runs, it will stop. Cancel the water consumption period when turning off the faucet; There is also a constant temperature faucet, which has pre adjusted the water temperature before leaving the factory, so that when the faucet is gently turned on, it immediately releases water at a pleasant water temperature and appropriate flow rate, controlling waste to a low limit from the beginning. The structure of its faucet is very precise, which can automatically and continuously compensate for changes in water pressure and temperature, making the water temperature instantly reach the user's temperature requirements, and controlling the temperature difference within 0.5 ℃, thereby further reducing water waste.
As for the water-saving toilet, in response to everyone's trust in direct flush water-saving, the siphon type boldly innovates and introduces a jet siphon type that is both silent and water-saving. Some manufacturers are not satisfied with the 3/6-liter water flow switch and have introduced 4-liter water-saving sanitary ware. Consumers have responded very well, and even have waterless urinals, saving water to zero.
Intelligent technology
From smart seats to smart bathtubs, the deep development of smart bathroom products has made it clear that products with new concepts will continue to lead the trend of the bathroom market. The faucet equipped with an infrared sensing device has the function of automatic water discharge and soap discharge; The voice controlled shower nozzle can adjust the water temperature or spray amount according to verbal instructions; The toilet has many functions such as warm water flushing, warm air drying, seat heating, automatic anti fouling and deodorization
Infrared sensing technology is widely used in water outlet control and water-saving control. A bathtub or toilet with infrared sensing water outlet control function can adjust the time interval of the massage outlet or toilet outlet according to preferences, and grasp the rhythm and strength of the water flow.
Irregular design
Bathroom is the part of a house that reflects quality. This year, fully transparent bathtubs and washbasins have emerged in various shapes, including semi circular, triangular, pentagonal, petal or 1/4 circular. The bathroom is no longer just white and bone colored, but full of colorful colors.
Magical concealment
Have you ever seen water flow from the ceiling into the bathtub? Have you seen the faucet hidden in the wall? Have you ever seen a toilet that can't see the water tank? In fact, there can be many unexpected changes in the bathroom space, and today's concealed sanitary ware has become the target of many consumers' fans.
The wall outlet faucet can be hidden on the ceiling or the side wall of the bathtub, consisting of two parts: a water outlet and a drip tray. For those who are not familiar with it, it is considered a delicate decoration embedded on the wall above the bathtub. By lightly touching the switch, water miraculously gushed out of the wall, and the water column was crystal clear and full. If this type of faucet is installed on the ceiling of the bathroom, the water column can also shoot into the bathtub from the ceiling like rain. And the concealed water tank and hanging toilet can provide the bathroom with Z best space utilization, making it more concise and spacious.

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